- MS, Diabetes Program Director

This position serves as the Diabetes Program Director for the Whirling Thunder Wellness Program.  Work involves direct management, fiscal, and personnel oversight of the Tribal Diabetes Program and other related grant programs.


- MA, SDPI Coordinator/Fitness Director

Serves as the Fitness Director/Project Coordinator for the Special Diabetes Program for Indians (SDPI) Community-Directed Grant located at the Whirling Thunder Wellness Center.  This position will oversee the day-to-day operations and management of all activities within the SDPI Grant to ensure that grant goals and objectives are met.  This is a supervisory position and the incumbent will supervise the Fitness Specialists under the SDPI Grant.  The target population is youth at risk for diabetes in grades 3-6 in the Winnebago Public School and may change dependent upon the grant.  It will be necessary to work within the Winnebago Public School and the community to accomplish work requirements. 


- Administrative Manager

Responsible for preparation of requisitions/purchase orders from information supplied by program staff. Routes for appropriate signatures. Prepares specialty consultant requisitions/purchase orders for payment on a quarterly basis. Prepares all travel request and itineraries for Grant staff. Makes and verifies place and hotel reservations.

Signature authority for expenditure of funds will be given along with the Diabetes Program Coordinator with final signature authority being with the Winnebago Tribal Director and/or Chief Executive Officer of the Winnebago Tribe.

Responsible for overall financial accounting of grant funds per Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska policies and procedures. Will maintain up-to-date financial cuff account and generate reports as necessary.


- AA, Administrative Assistant

The Administrative Assistant oversees the general administrative functions of the Whirling Thunder Wellness Program to ensure an efficient operation and assist the Director in daily management of the office and the program. The incumbent is responsible for the clerical duties as well as computer management/data entry of all Wellness Program activities, attendees and facility users. 


- Registered Nurse/Certified Diabetes Educator

As the Community Health Nurse, the employee will have responsibility to provide skilled nursing outreach to people at-risk for diabetes and people living with diabetes and their family members in the service population. The work is structured within the Whirling Thunder Wellness Program operating goals and objectives.  


– Registered Nurse/ Lead Educator

I have been in nursing for over 16 years. I received my Associates degree from Western Iowa Tech Community college and received my Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree from Briar Cliff University. I have a diverse nursing background with experience in geriatric, home care, community health, med/surg, ER and mother/child nursing.

I devoted many years working with the elderly in the Nursing home setting. I worked for the Winnebago IHS hospital for a few years and spent a majority of my career working for Unity Point in Sioux City prior to working for the tribe. I am currently part of the Diabetes and Education team.

Mary D

- Nutrition Specialist 

Function as a Nutrition specialist and community nutrition advisor in the area of diabetes prevention, health and wellness promotion. Technical nutrition and diabetes nutrition information will be received from a Registered Dietician. Participate as a member of a multi-disciplinary team within the Whirling Thunder Wellness Program and Winnebago Health Department.


- AS, Lead Recruiter/Case Manager

Serves as the Lead Recruiter for the “Ho-Chunk Hope: A Diabetes Free Future” Diabetes Prevention Classes and the “Wa I Pi Nagu” Diabetes Self-Management Classes.  The job also includes recruiting, assisting and scheduling Diabetes patients in to get their Optometry Clinic Appointments and/or their Endocrinology Appointments.  Also responsible for screening in the community, setting up lab appointments, physician appointments and the follow-up of individuals annually.  Recruitment activities include plans for screening, and enrollment, group and individual presentations about the program both in the clinic and the community setting and organizing recruitment events.  The recruiter will provide outpatient education on diabetes prevention or diabetes self-management to persons at risk for diabetes or diabetes complications both individually and/or in a class setting.  As the Diabetes Case Manager the employee will have the primary responsibility for providing direct diabetes case management services to community members with diabetes and their families or those at risk for developing diabetes.  The Diabetes Case Manager will have a leadership role in coordinating case management services system wide and among both the Indian Health Service and Health Department Providers order clonazepam .  


- Pool Manager 

This year has been a learning experience.  We did some major cleaning in the pool area and contract maintenance on our equipment which are original to enclosure and needed to be rebuilt or replaced.  As we continue to grow, my hopes are that we can contribute to the overall goals of the SDPI Program.  From an aquatic point of view, swimming is less stressful on your muscles and joints than running and lifting, yet you get the resistance and cardiorespiratory exercise your body needs.

In the Kidz Café, we brought in another supplier to ensure competitive business.  We follow state guidelines in our menu system keeping the food healthy, contributing to the diet portion of the program.  Our Nutrition Educators teach healthy eating habits and a fun way to do it.  We continue to employ our youth workers during the summer to give them work experience and general knowledge of what to expect in the workplace.

I’m hoping that our efforts will keep us running smooth at a minimal cost. 


- Fitness Specialist


- Fitness Specialist

My name is Rose Springer I am a youth sports coordinator/fitness specialist at Whirling Thunder wellness program. I have been working here nine years as of this year. Started some programs that still run today the Girls youth sports program 5th-8th grade Fall Volleyball, Basketball, Spring Volleyball and did run Summer softball program for all the youth 5year old -16 year olds at Floyd Softball fields from 2007-2012 which included getting all forms our getting each child paid, shirts ordered, equipment logged and checked out, coaches found and replace, be at the fields every night of play so everything ran smooth between parents, players and coaches. Started Adult Co-ed volleyball night still runs on Monday night and just recently had it moved to Sunday night. Over the years got certified in personal trainer and life guard, Sparks, PAK.       


- Fitness Specialist



- Fitness Specialist

I am a member of the Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska, and my family is Thunder clan. My Father is Keith DeCora, and my Grandmother is Anna Lee DeCora –Flute. I grew up just outside of Dakota City. I have an amazing 10 year old daughter named Jaydan.

Prior to moving back to Nebraska I lived in Dallas, TX, where I worked as a Dental assistant and insurance coordinator for a private practice in Garland. I enjoy fixing up Our 130 year old farm house, boating, riding 4-wheelers and spending time with my amazing family. I currently live in the country, just outside of Winnebago.

I love being a Fitness Specialist here at the Whirling Thunder Wellness Center where I get to know our community and our culture.

Function as a fitness specialist in the area of diabetes prevention, health and wellness promotion activities for children and adults in the community of Winnebago. Function as a member of a multi-disciplinary team within the Whirling Thunder Wellness Programs. Duties include, but are not limited to, personal training, fitness classes, and physical activity education 


- Fitness Specialist


– Receptionist/Office Associate

My name is Marisela Nava. I graduated from the Winnebago Public School in 2012, I went to college at Little Priest and didn’t complete my 2 years.

I volunteered at the Whirling Thunder Wellness Center to be a receptionist for a few months or so then quit for a while I came back and became a Temp. I eventually applied for the job as a receptionist and now I have been working a full year with WTWC.

The Receptionist/ Office Associate will be responsible for running and maintaining an organized reception area for the Whirling Thunder Wellness Center Facility. This will include greeting and bidding farewell to the guests entering and leaving the gym, with a pleasant demeanor. Answering their queries, providing information about the different programs, timings, personal trainers, etc. Handling the gym membership database, and registering new clients with the right registration procedures. 

Richard Kearnes

- Lifeguard

Education:  Western Iowa Tech Community College – Automotive Technology.

Experience:  Winnebago Tribe, 3 years – groundskeeper and lifeguard.  Security guard – Native Star Casino.



Marquel Harlan

- Lifeguard

Education:  Wayne State College, Briar Cliff University – Education, Sociology, Psychology.

Experience:  Lifeguard- WTWP,  summers 2013,2014,2015,2016.

Adavia Harlan


Education:  Wayne State College, Briar Cliff University – Business Administration, HR

Experience:  Lifeguard – WTWP, summers 2015, 2016.