Group Cycling


This Interactive Cycling class is designed to improve cardiovascular endurance and burn fat. We will be utilizing a projector and projector screen that will simulate bike riding through various scenery. Adjustable bike resistance allows individuals to go at their own pace.



Resistance based class that is designed using weighted aerobic bars to target every muscle group in the body. The focus will be on strengthening and sculpting muscles while shedding body fat! 


Circuit Training

Uses various full body movements combining aerobic and resistance based methods to improve conditioning, increase strength, increase muscle mass, burn body fat, and improve mobility and flexibility. The class consists of 8 different exercises done for 30-60 seconds in a circuit type fashion. Each class will rotate in different types of exercises.


*Classes are typically held Monday-Thursday at Noon and 5pm at the Whirling Thunder Wellness Center.

Check the schedule for more specifics.