Diabetes Clinic

 The Winnebago Diabetes Clinic provides community members with advanced primary care for patients with diabetes. 


Diabetes Clinic staff is comprised of (2) RN, Certified Diabetes Educators (CDE), (1) Certified Nurse Practitioner, (1) Clinical Assistant. Other support staff includes Behavioral Health Therapists, Registered Dietitians, Pharmacists, Personal Exercise Trainers, Community Health Representatives.


Diabetes Clinic is scheduled every week on Thursday, with an occasional extra day when available. Appointment slots start at 9am and last until 5pm, with an average appointment lasting 40 minutes. 


Patients that schedule appointments for Diabetes Clinic will have their vitals measured and recorded after they arrive. From there, they will meet with a CDE to review their Electronic Health Record and develop a plan for meeting the current Diabetes Standards of Care. This may include a foot exam, referrals for eye and dental exams, immunizations, and diabetes-related care. The final is with the Nurse Practitioner (NP) in which the NP will provide advanced diabetes care for the patient such as medication evaluation and adjustments, systems review, and referrals for further care.


Diabetes Clinic Staff:

Michele Smith, RN, CDE

Camilla Barajas, RN, CDE

Fred Harden, AA, Case Manager/Lead Recruiter

Angel Decora, CNA, Paraprofessional Educator II

Gretchen Wheelock, DNP, APRN-C, Nurse Practitioner